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I have reached a stage in my life where I no longer want to work full time. The idea of travelling to and from work at the same time, Monday to Friday every week, just does not appeal to me. So I got myself a part time job which is great but now I want some extra cash for bigger things (like buying a house). This got me researching online for a work from home online business. I am always on my computer anyway so I figured I’d make my computer work for me.

Now of course the internet is absolutely full of online businesses but how many of them were actually a legitimate business? From the research I did, not many was the answer. The other problem I had was a lot of them were in industries that I had no passion for which would of resulted in me not giving it a fair go. So I just kept looking until I came across this one, Wealthy affiliate.

Wealthy affiliate had a lot of positive reviews online and they also didn’t try to win you over with guarantees of thousands of dollars per year. Also one of key points that made me give them a go was that you could have a 7 day trail without giving them any details about yourself except for a name and email address. This was a huge selling point for me as I’m not one to give out my bank details lightly.

After joining WA, I found myself building a web site with clear instruction and with help on hand most of the time. I was hooked and joined before the end of my 7 day trail as I had completed all I could in the seven days and I wanted more!

So continue reading to find out how you can create your own online business with Wealthy affiliate…

First up, what is an Affiliate program?

Affiliate program is a term used all over the internet but before joining Wealthy affiliate I was never really sure what the term meant. With the training provided by Wealthy affiliate I learned what it meant to have an affiliate program. For those who are curious as to what it is- an affiliate program allows users to sell products that aren’t actually their’s. Sounds confusing? Well let me continue…

A shopping website, for example Amazon (one of the biggest in the world), has thousands upon thousands of products. It can not advertise them all but it still wants to make money so what they do is get third parties to advertise the stuff for them. As an example if you have decided that you had an interest in healthy eating and love to make smoothies, you could do a review or write up, on your favourite blender sold from Amazon. As an affiliate member of Amazon, if one of your readers like what you said about the blender and decides they would like to purchase one, you would have provided a link on your site to the blender. This link has a unique code in it that identifies that this customer is coming to the Amazon website through your website. When the customer makes the purchase, Amazon will give you, the owner of the site, a small percentage.

Most programs only have a 3-5% percentage of the total cost that will be paid to you which may not seem like a lot but if you can get traffic through your website, the more people will buy.

This is where Wealthy affiliate comes in to help you build your site and attract traffic through it.

So can anyone do this?

Yep they sure can. In fact because Wealthy Affiliate will host up to 25 of your own domain sites plus 25 free sites, you could get the whole family involved with each person doing a different niche. The training is done step by step and you can repeat them as much as you want. Even if you have never built a website before or believe you are not technology minded, the training is well laid out to help you. If you do have a question then you have access to the other members by a live chat. There is usually people on it at all times of the day as there are members all over the world.

Ok I’m curious?

Excellent! The first step is to sign up to Wealthy affiliate’s seven day FREE trial. In these seven days you get to explore some of features and tools that are available when you are a member. You get to work through level 1 of training. This level is very basic and helps you set up a free website.

If you decide that you wish to join the wonderful community at Wealthy affiliate, then simply sign up before the end of your seven day free trial and you’ll get the first month for only $19. This means that you save $30 on your first month. This will let you access all the features that members have access to. If you decide that this isn’t for you then you can simply cancel your membership at anytime (no money will be refunded). There is no minimum amount of time you have to be a member which means you are not pressured into wasting money on something that is not right for you.

If you do join there are 2 options for billing- monthly or yearly. I have chosen the yearly as there is a saving by doing this but again the choice is yours.

Is it really only one price per month? I feel there might be more to it…

Well the answer is yes and its also a no. When you join Wealthy affiliate and become a member, you get access to a lot of features. These features will be all you really need to get yourself going. So yes, it is only one price a month.

However (yeah you knew this was coming), to get the most out of your website, it is better to have your own domain. This is optional but it is highly recommended. Wealthy affiliate does have an option to buy domain names straight from them but you are not obligated to do so. You can buy domain names from other sources for a cheaper price. Once you have purchased the domain name you then get Wealthy affiliate to host it for you as it is included in your monthly fee.

I’ve heard Wealthy affiliate is a scam?

Yes I saw reviews that have said the same thing but when I looked further into the reviews saying it was a scam, I found that the people were unhappy with Wealthy affiliate because that didn’t make money. At no time does Wealthy affiliate guarantee you will earn thousands of dollars for free. You must work at it. If you follow the Wealthy affiliate course it will actually teach you how to build your own website and how to get traffic through it. With 2 billion users, the opportunities are almost endless but it will take time. If you join and expect to earn money within a week, you will more then likely to be very disappointed. This is almost like starting a degree in becoming a doctor and expecting to see your first patient within the first week. It’s not going to happen. You need to go through each step of the training to understand how to get people to your site.

Having said that you may start to earn money before you have completed the courses! If you have your own business then Wealthy affiliate can help you to understand how to promote it better and attract more potential customers to your business website. All it takes is for you to be persistent with regular attendance of your site and to follow the online courses.

What about help?

The Wealthy affiliate community is one of the best around. Most times there are people on hand to answer any questions you may have or help you with any issues they may arise. Plus you have the ability to privately message people to ask any questions you wish.

There is Site Support incase of technical issues which I have used a couple of times and I’m impressed with the service as I usually get a response within 30mins.

Final Verdict

Wealthy affiliate is a great program that teaches people how to make money on the internet. It encourages you to find your own niche and help to promote it. Some people say its a scam but from my experience it is far from it. It is a community of like minded people who believe in ‘paying it forward’. If you treat it as a business and take it seriously then you can turn it into a very successful business. The training is simple and if you don’t understand an exercise then there are tools around to help you plus there is just about always other users online and will help if they can.

Try the seven day trial, no credit card required or any account information. Only when you are ready to commit will you be required to give your account details. This is an excellent opportunity to start your own business with next to nothing in start up costs but will require your time.


If you think this isn’t for you, how about checking out my posts on becoming an Uber driver, renting your car out or helping your community with Airtasker if you are still looking to earn some extra money

If you have any concerns or questions please leave a comment down below or send me an email at nyssa@extra-finances.com.


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