Save money in the kitchen

Save money in the kitchen

Looking for some tips on how to save money in kitchen? Well here are some tips to help you save some money by doing these tips and tricks in the kitchen.


Have left over food? Put away the cling film and use a plastic container instead (like tupperware). This will help in two ways. First you won’t be spending money on cling film all the time and secondly you’ll be helping saving the environment by not having as much waste, especially plastic.


Use a slow cooker or hotpot. This simple kitchen accessory will create excellent tasting meals for a cheap price. I myself love using a slow cooker as you can pretty much just throw a whole bunch of food in, add some liquid and in 4-8hrs, a delicious meal is ready. The other great point is the slow cooker is not a hungry(yep I went there) electric device so you won’t be getting a shock (boom, two in one sentence).


Bulk up. Buy in bulk, cook in bulk. As with the slow cooker, when you make a meal item that you know will have plenty of left overs, you are essentially creating ready made meals. I do it for my lunches at work. I cook it all in one day then separate in to 5 to 6 containers that I can freeze which leads me onto the next point…


Cook it yourself! No really, get the ingredients and cook it yourself. This is by far the cheapest way to cook. I do cheat a little by buying my veggies from the fresh section of the supermarket that are already chopped up but for me I have found this bag to be the perfect size for my meals.


Tin tomato’s are an awesome product to have in the pantry. Its a stable in mine. Why? I here you ask, well thats easy- it can be added to just about anything to create a yummy dish. You can make a basic bolognese sauce, a cacciatore and even a curry. A tin of coconut milk/cream should be in the cupboard as well, to mostly help make curries but can be used for other dishes.


Put down the paper towel! Yes that’s right. Put down the paper towel. Although it is more convenient to grab some paper towel to clean up some mess, by using a cloth and washing the cloth, you will not have to buy paper towels. I have two dish cloths- one is for dishes and the other for cleaning up mess (if you share house have them separate colours so people know which is which).


Yummy left overs! If you have food left over, don’t immediately throw it out. With a bit of google searching you can find recipes that will allow you to use it. Left over roast meats are great in sandwiches or if you have a lot, you may even be able to create pie. Veggies too can to be added to pies or alternatively make a stew.


So there we have 7 tips to help save you money in the kitchen. If you have any other suggestions, please leave a comment down below. Every little bit helps so no matter how small you think the tip is. When you add small numbers together, you eventually get a big number.

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