How to get easy money online with paid surveys- Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is a site I have used for over a year now that allows you to get easy money online. I have claimed numerous rewards for myself and the only task that is required is my time.

Extra money

I went looking to for extra finances as I wasn’t earning a lot, I had just enough to cover rent, bills and food but not much for ‘me time’. This led me to have a look on the web and see what I could find. When I first started looking, there appeared to be so many ‘scams’. It was a little disheartening but I kept at it and eventually found Valued Opinions.

When first starting up I was still very cautious but after signing up and doing my first survey (and no virus’s appeared on my computer) I felt more relaxed. I started to receive invites to complete survey’s but got a little frustrated as for every 5 surveys that was sent to me, I was only able to do one.

Now I have moved up on the rewards and completed my profile which has enabled me to complete more surveys. I regularly get e-vouchers now. If applied myself more I could easily get one every month but I will admit I do slack off as the survey’s can get very tedious. I suggest doing them while watching a movie or tv show, just to keep you stimulated.

However in the end I like to do them, as a small reward every now and then comes in handy. The more survey’s you do, the more that will be sent.

So if you are looking for just that little bit extra to help pay for grocery’s or as a treat to splash out on and have access to the internet with an hour or so to spare then I recommend Valued Opinions for you.





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