Online business with no start up cost.

Now I know what you are thinking, ‘how can I start a business with no money?’ well it’s really easy. All you need to do is sign up with SFI and you too can be on your way to earning some extra money and maybe even make it your full time job.

A bit of history

Let me introduce you to SFI (Strong Future International) group. SFI is an online company that was established way back in 1998. Over the next 19 years, it grew to what it is today. An affiliate marketing platform to help people like you and me make an income online. Now there is of course more to their history…

But let’s be honest, you probably don’t care that much about it’s history, you want to know how you can make money online, from the comfort of your own home.

So lets get to it…

So tell me the details

First up let me tell you straight from the start that it’s free to join!


Yes FREE to join! And there is no pressure to spend any money at all. When you join SFI, you also automatically become a member of the website TripleClicks. TripleClicks has over 100,000 products on sale plus there are games to play and auctions to win.

When you first join up, there is a LaunchPad which is the beginning of the training. I suggest you start reading these however there is a lot of information to take in so don’t try to red them all in one day. Your best bet is to take your time and truly understand what each lesson is teaching you.

The lessons will also show you how you can make money with SFI. In total there are 6 ways to achieve this but to keep it simple, I’m just going to stick with only 2 of the methods as these are the simplest to understand.

The two methods,

There are actually 6 basic ways to earn money with SFI but the best two methods are as follows:-

Method one.

The first way to earn money is by direct commissions. Help advertise products on the TripleClicks site and for every sale you generate, you’ll earn a commission. The commission you earn varies depending on the total cost of the product. On average, you will earn about $2.00US. You of course can earn a lot more if you sell more expensive items.

Plus as an added bonus, once you have someone sign up after you, you’ll earn commissions for the lifetime of the sign up.

So to get people to buy products you can advertise just about anywhere. On your own web site, social media site or even buy word of mouth (if you do this, you’ll need to send them a link to make sure you get the commission).

Method two.

By being in the TripleClicks Executive Pool, you will get a share of the profits of all items sold on the TripleClicks website. To do this you will need to accumulate Versapoints. There are many ways to earn these points and like the sign up, there are ways to earn these points without having to spend a cent. You can earn points by just logging in and doing a ‘to-do’ list.

Still not sure about this..

Yeah, I can see how you may not be fully convinced but let me just say that the best way to learn about it, is to do it. As it doesn’t cost anything to sign up, I would suggest you sign up and give it ago. I reckon a good week will be long enough to fully understand the program.

When I first signed up, I was going around in circles but by going through the lessons in the LaunchPad, I slowly began to understand how it works and was surprised how simple it actually is.

Is there human support?

Yep. Not only does SFI have support but when you join, you will have a sponsor. The role of the sponsor is to help you out as if you succeed then so do they. It is a team environment. By helping each other out, we can all succeed. As a bonus if you sign up through the banners on this site then you will have the pleasure of having me as your sponsor. As your sponsor, I will be available to you to ask me questions. I will always try to help you out and even give you hints and tips on a regular basis.

Fine print?

There is no fine print. It really is free to join. There are options to spend money, if you wish to earn money faster but this is completely your choice. I chose to spend money because I am slightly impatient and wanted to move up the rankings quicker.

So should I sign up now?

Yes! I understand you may still be wary of what I’m saying but let me assure you that it is all safe and secure. At no time will you be asked for your bank details and there is no reason for you to give them out. The payment options available do not use your bank account. One of the methods is via Paypal which means your money is even more secure.


If you have any questions, please leave it down below. If you think this isn’t for you, you can look at my other posts about Wealthy Affiliate or maybe you would like to know how to become an Uber driver?

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