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LiveTribe is the third online survey site I use. Out of the three main survey sites I use (Valued opinions and My opinion are the other two) this is my least favourite. Now don’t get me wrong, I still get vouchers from them but I find their set up to be very tedious.

Add to this it takes up to 8 weeks! to get your vouchers they just don’t rate high in my book.

But there is still surveys to be done and vouchers to be earned.

LiveTribe uses a point system to reward you for the surveys you complete but the point system is not as straight forward as my opinion. To gain a $10 reward you need 7900 points, to gain a $20 reward you need 15650 points. So what I think they are trying to do is make you keep your points for longer. Its ‘cheaper’ to claim higher rewards but the catch is to get to the higher rewards takes a lot of time and of course when you factor in that it can take up to 8 weeks to get your voucher, you are looking at close to 4-5months before you will see any reward.

The survey themselves are pretty much on par with the other two sites I use however they do like to use pop up menus- a lot. I don’t know why and its gets very frustrating. I believe it to be an unnecessary feature. Why it can’t just take you to the site without opening up another window is beyond me.

I’m fairly sure by now you are getting the hint that I don’t like this site… this isn’t true. I have claimed vouchers from them and have used them with ease. But when you compare this site to the other two, it just seems like the quality of this site isn’t there. If you only had to choose one site to use, this site will not be it but in conjunction with the other sites, you can get vouchers very regularly.

There is also monthly draws which you automatically get put in to when you complete a survey- I have yet to win any of these so can’t comment too much about them.

I know, I know, I haven’t painted a very positive picture but it is a legitimate site that will give you rewards for doing online surveys so if you wish to add another paid survey site to your collection then please add LiveTribe.

I would like to hear from others who have used this site, please leave a comment down below with your views of this site and let me know what rewards have you claimed. If you want to know of other sites there is Valued opinions and My opinion.


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