Tips to reduce an electric bill

Electricity has made modern living great but sometimes the cost can really hurt or hip pocket…

So here are some tips and tricks to help you reduce your bill.

  1. First things first, read your electricity bill. Learn how much you are going through and how your electrical provider chargers you.
  2. Start hunting around. Once you understand how much your electric provider is charging you, you can now have a look at other providers and compare. I would suggest not to use a compare website as they do not list all providers. However if you live in Australia you can use the web site  Switchon. This is government site that was put together to help Australians reduce their carbon footprint and save on electricity.
  3. Cut down on usage- seems easy enough but this one can be tough for families. Basically if you start off by doing simple things like turning off a light to a room thats not in use, then you can start to cut down. Another thing you can avoid is to not leave the TV on. If aren’t watching it but just using it for ‘noise’, put the radio on instead.
  4. Buy energy saving bulbs. Nowadays these are the only type of bulbs on sale but if you haven’t changed the bulbs in your house, I’d suggest you upgrade.
  5. Turn appliances off from the wall. You might think that you have turned off your equipment by pressing the power off button but most electronics these days use phantom powder, that is they are still drawing electricity even when ‘off’. By switching off from the wall you are preventing the phantom power.
  6. Avoid the dryer! If you have done the washing and you don’t need it the next day, put it on a clothes airer and let it dry naturally.
  7. Use less hot water. By doing this your hot water system will not have to stay on longer to heat more water, of course this assumes it is electric but even gas water heaters use a bit of electricity.
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