How to save money on grocery shopping- Tips for when you go to the supermarket

Saving money at the supermarket

The supermarket or grocery store which ever you call it, can be an awesome time or a burden. I personally love grocery shopping as I love food. When I shop I can buy foods that I love.

Tips– One of the biggest tips to shopping is to not shop when hungry! When shopping hungry you will usually buy more then need and also will resort to buying quick easy processed food.

Specials– Specials can be great. Get what you want when its cheaper! However be careful. Yes it might be a special but ask yourself “will I use it before it expires?’. There are somethings that I won’t buy in bulk cause I know I won’t use it. Mostly for me its fresh produce. If apples on sale with a special of buy 10 for $3, I won’t buy it as I know I won’t get through all those apples. However if you know how to make apple pie, then buy the special and use it to make pie (send me a piece as I’m a genuine apple pie taster). When my oat milk is on sale, I’m buying about 4-5 cartons as I know they won’t go off and I will use them. So yes if it’s on special and you know you’ll use it, buy it. I would like to say also that if you already have enough of the product to last a while, is it really worth buying it? Special come periodically. If you have 10 tins of peaches at home sitting in your pantry and you only use a tin once every 2 weeks, don’t buy the special. You will be wasting your money instead of saving. Try to only buy items that you know you are getting low on.


Bulk buy– Yes, buy in bulk. The bigger the package, usually the smaller the price per weight/volume. It makes sense to buy the bigger bag of rice. It’s cheaper and will last longer. As with most items, the bigger, the cheaper. Again there is caution to have here- same as with the specials above, ask yourself, ‘will I use it?’. It might be cheaper per orange to buy the big bag but will you use it? Is half of it going to be thrown away? If it is then it’s not really worth it. You would be better to buy the loose oranges. In the long run it might actually be cheaper. A bag might be $5 but with loose oranges, you might only pay $4. This means that you have actually saved yourself a dollar at the check out and you won’t waste any food.


Avoid the processed food– It might seem like a bargain to grab those pre-made meals but it’s not. Treat them like confectionary, once in a while is fine but not everyday. When you have a closer look at the cost, you’ll find they can actually be very expensive (also on a side note, I don’t find them very tasty). If you buy 5 of these meals for $5 each, thats $25 all up and its for five meals. You could buy fresh veggies and meat for this amount and feed yourself for a whole week.


Another way you could save is to complete online surveys. Check out my other posts on paid surveys to see how you can get gift cards for your shop.

These are some simple tips on how to save at the supermarket. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment below.



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