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My Opinions is one of the best paid survey sites here in Australia which I have been using to gain some easy money online. This site is almost like Valued Opinions however unlike Valued Opinions, this sites gives you points instead of ‘money’.

The points can be used in exchanged for e-vouchers. 1000 points equals $10.00 which is the minimum you need to claim your Flexi eGift card. Once claimed you can then convert it to the e-voucher you wish to use this can be Coles, Woolworths, Jb Hifi, Myer, K-mart plus many more.


My Opinions also allows payment into your Paypal account. It is the same price as if you are getting a voucher, the only catch is you need at least 2000 points to claim a Paypal payment (which equals to $20.00). I have never used this option as I prefer to use the e-vouchers for my groceries because that is something I do every week. The process time of claiming you Flexi eGift card can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 48hrs. However all mine have been done within the hour. Once you have received the Flexi eGift card, it takes about 2 minutes to convert it to the e-voucher of your choice.

There is loyalty status when you sign up. By moving up the loyalty status programme you can gain extra points. I have obtained Platinum Plus status which gives my an extra 10% weekly bonus on all surveys completed. To move up in status all you have to do is complete surveys on a regular basis.


As a summary My Opinions can offer some great bonuses but you will not be able to do it full time. Do it while watching a movie or tv, to keep you more stimulated if you are finding them tedious. Some survey’s have been really good. I actually did a survey on the new m&m’s chocolate bars that came out- they were asking about the design on the wrapper. It feels good knowing I have contributed to a product that is now been used by thousands of people.

Have a good day.


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