Garage sale- Do you need everything?

Have you every looked at a piece of furniture that is just sitting there and thought you’d love to get rid of it? Well do it. If its not serving a functional purpose (collecting junk mail on top is not a useful service) then maybe you should sell it. In fact look around your house and see what else you don’t need. Make a list and now you are on your way to having a garage sale.

I know garage sales have been around for ages, they were the original eBay. Every weekend people all over the country, grab the local paper and plan which garage sales they will attend. From 8am they leave their house and go on a journey. Usually they are done by lunch time, having purchased goods at a fraction of the cost of buying brand new. Everyone is a winner- the seller got rid of an item they no longer wanted and the buyer now has something they wanted.

So lets now run through the steps on how you can put on your own garage sale.

What can you sell?

The first step I mentioned was to make a list of all the items you could potentially sell. If you don’t think you have enough items to sell, go and speak to your neighbours and family and ask them if they have any items they wish to sell. When I did my garage sale I had my neighbour bring over a few items as well just to bulk up what was on offer. Once you have a list of items, now you need to decide on what day to sell. Some people do on both days of the weekend, some just one. Its up to you and how much time can you spare.

When should I sell?

Now which weekend should you do it on? If there is a long weekend coming up, I would suggest you wait as those weekends can be a hit or miss. As a lot of people like to go away for the weekend, you might not get the traffic to come through however you are in a ‘tourist’ town then maybe you should have it. Try to get some of the visitors to come and have a look as well.


How are your potential customers going to find you? The best way is to put an ad in the local paper. Some papers have a flat rate for advertising garage sales so give them a call and have a chat. If they charge way too much then maybe just put signs around you neighbourhood. I see it regularly  the cardboard signs at intersections and on lamp pole advertising a garage sale for the weekend.

How to get the best money for your items

To get the possible money for items, give them a good clean. If something is covered in dust, it’ll turn a lot of people off so give everything a bit of a spruce up. Also be very reasonable about your prices. Most people who come are coming because they probably can’t afford the items new. Be prepared to do some bartering. Again don’t be too aggressive. If you do, you’ll scare your customers away. However some people may be aggressive barters so stand your ground. Layout all your items so it is easy accessible for customers to browse. Put similar items together, this will give the customer a choice and may feel they are getting  a better bargain.

Things to consider

Cash! You must have cash on you. This is the easiest way to pay for your goods. Make sure you have notes and coins. It is usually the case that your first customer will buy a $5 item with a $50 note so make sure you have cash on hand. Exactly how much depends on how much gear you are selling. It also depends on how much you are selling you gear for. If you have lots of little items for under $10 then you will need smaller notes and coins.

Weather will also play a big role. If your items are undercover then you’re good but if you need to branch out onto your driveway or yard then make sure you check the weather.

Enjoy your day

Have fun on the day, make yourself a coffee/tea and sit outside and talk to your customers. Make them feel welcome and let them browse around. At the end of the day you can either have another sale or just donate the stuff to charity. Garage sales are good ways to help de-clutter your house and gain a little extra cash so give them ago.

If you have any helpful tips please leave a comment down below with the tip. Also if you have any questions leave a comment as well.




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