Fuel Saving Tips

The car. One of the greatest machines to ever be invented. It brings us all closer together even when we are far apart. It has become so a part of life that most people couldn’t think how they would live without it.

But the problem with owning a car is that the cost of owning it can sky rocket with the cost of fuel very quickly but do not fear for I have some tips to help your car run more smoothly which in turn will decrease your spending on fuel.

Fuel saving tips


Yep, keep your car in good working order by doing the following

  • Scheduled services- Keep on top of schedule servicing
  • Keep your wheels properly inflated, generally speaking when you fill up- check your tyres
  • Use correct fluids e.g. the correct oil and coolant as stated in the owner operators manual

How you drive

  • Slow down! When taking off from a stop, do so in a gentle manner
  • Try to maintain a constant speed. Avoid peak hour traffic
  • Don’t drive angry (Mythbusters suggested this so take it with a grain of salt)

On the Freeway

Freeway driving in general will always have the best milage per litre but just remember the following

  • Use cruise control if installed
  • Keep the windows up when going above 80km/hr
  • Use the air con sparingly
  • Use economy mode if available

Other ways to save fuel

Save at the bowser
  • Make sure you have a wheel alignment this will ensure your wheels are turning smoothly and there is no imbalance
  • Reduce the load, remove any unwanted equipment in he car i.e. don’t leave your sports bags in the boot
  • Use your car less if possible. Take a walk to get dinner or visit the shopping centre

At the bowser

Watch the price of fuel. The price usually increases just before the weekend so try to fill up early in the week. Tuesday and Wednesday are found to be the cheapest days. Watch out for long weekends too, prices are almost guaranteed to increase for the long weekend rush.

If you have a fuel docket that saves cents off a litre, use it. Do not fall into the trap of buying X amount of dollars in store to get more cents of a litre. This type of promotion will usually end up costing you more then the savings plus lets be honest, petrol stations aren’t the cheapest for drinks or chocolates so avoid purchasing them (however an ice-cream during summer is accepted… well at least for me 🙂 )



If you would like to earn money from your car why not become an Uber driver, check out my post here for more info.

If you have some suggestions to help save fuel, please leave a comment below.



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