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So you want to rent a car while away on holiday but find it gets expensive really quickly? Well how about a different type of rental car that cuts out the middle man and can offer cheaper car rentals?

Drive My Car is new way to rent cars. It uses the peer to peer application meaning the person you deal with owns the car. Now please don’t let that discourage you as there is still requirements that must be filled before someone can register their car to rent. Its not like anyone with a car can rent it out as one of the requirements is that the car must be under 10 years old (which is a pity as I have a Ford Festiva that is over 15 years old, I’m sure people would love to rent it 😉 ).

The app of Drive My Car is where the community comes together so you can browse cars for rent and then when you find the one you want, you register with the website. This is a requirement for anyone wishing to rent a car as ID checks must be performed.

You then arrange it with the owner to confirm an exchange point and some may even pick you up from the airport to deliver the car (so handy!)


The other side to this site is- Do you have a car that you don’t use much? Then why not register it as a car to rent, allowing you to earn some income. Even if you rent it out for 1 week only just to cover the cost of rego. There is no ongoing fees per month.

Another awesome feature is the ability to rent a car for Uber. You rent a car then drive for Uber, making yourself some extra money on the side. Head on over to my post on driving for Uber for some more details.


It’s amazing what you can do with your spare time to earn a little extra or even save some money. Please have a look and see if they have the car thats right for you. Also if you have used this service before, write a comment down below and let me know how you went.


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